Monday, March 5, 2012

Important Judicial Clerkship Application Information for 2Ls

This April, the Career Planning Office will host informational workshops on the judicial clerkship application process in preparation for the judicial clerkship application season, which, for most students, takes place during the summer before the 3L year.   Dates and times of workshops will be announced later this semester.  Attendance at a workshop is mandatory for all judicial clerkship applicants.

The federal judicial clerkship application process has strict application timing guidelines (see “Critical Dates”) which require that you apply in the late summer before your 3L year.    State judicial clerkship application timing guidelines vary from state to state and in some states, the judges do not hire clerks at all.  Those that do hire clerks, tend to conduct their application and hiring process in the late summer/early Fall of your 3L year.   For example, state clerkship applications for NJ, DE and NY are due in later summer/early Fall of your 3L year.   PA state trial judges have varying hiring practices and timelines and positions are generally available when vacancies occur.  PA Appellate judges and PA Supreme court Justices hire clerks for a 1-3 year term which may be extended at the judge’s discretion, and, therefore these clerkships also are available as vacancies occur.

If you plan to apply to a state judicial clerkship in a state other than those mentioned above, you should investigate application procedures and deadlines now via the Guide to State Judicial Clerkships on the Career Planning Website.  If you need assistance with a state judicial clerkship application process that takes place prior to the April workshops, please make an appointment to speak to a counselor.  Please note that the Guide to State Judicial Clerkships will be updated by the publisher this summer and until then you will be looking at the previous year’s deadlines.

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